Investment Management

Investment Management

We design portfolios to help retirement-minded investors reach their goals through a combined approach of avoiding unnecessary risks, diversifying across a wide array of investments, and basing our decisions on academic research.

Our Process

Step 1: Designing your portfolio begins by learning about your unique goals and values. Our first meeting will involve listening and learning about what you would like your portfolio to achieve for you and your past experiences with investing. From there, we can begin to form an understanding of what type of portfolio is appropriate for you, which types of accounts you should use, and what investments will be appropriate for your goals. 

Step 2: Our second meeting is focused on reviewing a custom portfolio designed for you. We will review the past performance, the costs, how the portfolio has behaved through past financial crises, the tax implications, and the diversification strategy.

Step 3: Implementation and monitoring. We will implement the strategy for you and monitor it on an ongoing basis. You can access your portfolio at any time either online or through a smart phone app. We will meet with you regularly to review your progress and discuss any changes that we think should be made. If you are still saving for retirement, we will help you understand your contribution options and help you save for retirement. If you are retired, we will create a withdrawal strategy designed to optimize the after-tax income you receive from your portfolio.

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