Free Consultation

Free Consultation

What questions do you have about retirement, investing, and putting together the pieces of your financial puzzle? Maybe you have been thinking about hiring a financial planner, but you just aren’t sure of whether it makes sense in your situation. 

Our initial consultation is designed to quickly identify the most pressing matters in your financial life, analyze any opportunities you are missing out on, and decide if it makes sense to schedule a more formal in-person or virtual meeting to dig deeper into the possibility of working together.

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Some questions to consider…

Some questions to consider…

It can be difficult to come up with questions to ask when you are meeting with a financial planner for the first time. The questions below are a good place to start and will help you build an educated understanding of whether you should move forward.

1. Are you a true fiduciary and will you put it in writing? 

2. Who is your ideal client? What types of clients do you work with?

3. How do you communicate with clients? 

4. What can I expect from you each year?

5. What does your future look like? 

6. Are you fee-only, fee-based, or commissioned? 

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