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Financial planning is the process of tying your goals and values to the financial decisions that you make. It can be a simple goal like “I want to save for a vacation to Australia” or it can be something more complex like “How can I retire by age 55?” 

You probably have a general idea of where you are headed, where you would like to be, and what obstacles stand in your way. You may be unsure of the best path to take, how to get there in the most efficient way, and what steps should be prioritized. That’s where we come in. We fill in the gaps and apply our expertise to help make the most of your financial resources. 

Here’s a few hypothetical examples to help you understand what we do…

Always on the Go

Natalie is always on the go. She’s in her 40s and recently earned an award for being the top agent at her brokerage. As a busy entrepreneur and a single mom, it’s hard for her to find the time to plan for her quarterly tax payments, pay her bills, and learn about self-employed retirement plans. Simply put, her time is better spent working and raising her kids. She needs ongoing help with:

  • Coordinating with her accountant and bookkeeper to calculate and budget for her business expenses and tax liabilities.
  • Choosing a retirement savings plan that is flexible since she has variable income from commission checks and seasonal fluctuations in real estate.
  • Establishing and growing a sizable emergency fund.
  • Simplifying her finances by consolidating her debts and creating a system of reminders for her recurring financial responsibilities. 

Help! Things are Getting Complicated…

Cynthia and John are entering their mid-30s. Their careers are taking off, they just opened a part-time bed and breakfast, their third child is on the way, and their finances are becoming more and more complex. They are successful, but they want to avoid making the mistakes so many others in their position have made. Here’s a few ways we can help:

  • Creating a budget to help manage their cash flow and decide how much should be withheld for taxes, how much should go to retirement savings, and how much they can afford to spend each month on living expenses.
  • Taking the burden of managing their investments off their plate so they can focus on their new business and their growing family. 
  • Planning to protect their growing wealth by calculating appropriate insurance coverage amounts.
  •  Planning for their children’s college savings.

Ready to Retire!

George and Martha have worked nonstop for the past forty years. They are entering their 60s and it’s time for a well-deserved retirement, but first they need help making a few key decisions. 

  • Can they afford to retire?
  • How much can they withdraw from their 401(k)s and IRAs each year if they plan to live another 20+ years?
  • Should they withdraw from their Traditional or Roth IRAs first?
  • When should they claim their Social Security and pension benefits?
  • What should they do with the excess cash they have accumulated over the years?
  • Will their taxes increase if they spend part of the year living in another state?

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